Home Support

Janko is there to make your computer and network problems go away. Not only can we come to you, but through our smart remote tools we can be solving most of your problems remotely. 

Do you have a technical question? Give the friendly Janko team a call they are experienced in a range of technologies and are happy to help.

On-site Support

The Janko team can provide on-site support for your home office or home networking anywhere in the Taranaki region from new computers and printer installs to on-site troubleshooting our experienced team will find a solution to tackle you’re IT woes and get you and your family back online in no time.  

Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote support software enables Janko technicians to access another computer or device remotely to provide support. The remote connection allows the technician to see the screen of the remote device on their own screen in real-time. While in a remote session, the technician can take control to troubleshoot issues and perform whatever task is needed. They can install updates, resolve issues, and perform maintenance. By being able to remotely access a device to provide IT support, Janko can give end to end support for your family. 

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